I like that there’s a 1-year warranty on quality

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I like that there’s a 1-year warranty on quality. I am no expert in electronics, but I know what I want and what I do not want. For one thing I'm sick of untangling headphones, having them broken and falling apart shortly after purchase. These headphones do not create this problem. Secondly, I'm on the treadmill the everyday; by the end of my workout my sweat has created a problem with regular headphone. The Edelin headphones have moisture protection. At the gym I can focus on my workout instead of the distractive noise around me, the noise cancelling function on these headphones are outstanding. Finally the over the ear hooks help movement as I ride my bike outdoors. I am glad I bought them. 1 year warranty

By Miss Avon January 10, 2017 amazon.com August 25, 2017