Vindicating Headphones!

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I love these headphones and doubt I will ever go back to a wired pair again. Pairing the headphones with my iPhone was so incredibly easy and fast. The feel of the buds in my ear is really comfortable and I have big ears, so headphones have always been uncomfortable to wear. I can't comment too much on the sound other than to say that for me, it's perfect. I am totally immersed in my music with the comfortable feel of the buds in my ears. The controls for volume, track navigation and connect/disconnect is great also. The can all be done by the bud in your right ear. These headphones for the low price they are, for me, was 150% better than my last pair of Beats by Dr. Dre - which I was more than happy to toss in the trash and watch them get crunched! Sweet vindication!

By Daranhatu October 19, 2016 August 25, 2017